About Astronomica


Astronomica is the amateur astronomers' wing of SPACE. [Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators]. It is a group of people with love and passion for Astronomy, both amateurs and professionals.


Star Parties
An adventurous rendezvous with the sturdy ground beneath our feet and the starry skies above our heads.

Sky Watching
Make sense about the star patterns you've only heard about and the treasures they hold - Jewel Box in the Southern Cross, Smoke Ring in the Lyre, Star Factory in Orion.

Monthly Meetings
We talk about everything from stargazing to starships.

The Universe, yours to discover and keep for posterity- just a click of a camera away!!

Telescope Making
Our members have made the largest telescopes and you can too.

Astronomy Softwares
Simulate the sky overhead, become a weatherman, learn about eclipses…

Astronomy Kit
Basic arsenal to arm you with on this Cosmic journey.

HPTDC Discounts
The scenic valleys and starry skies of Himachal beckon you to enjoy benefits exclusive to Astronomicans – enjoy discounts on all Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation facilities. A feature that we intend to extend all over India, across the states.

Support from SPACE Nodal Centers, Franchisees
SPACE offices all across India provide infrastructural and logistics support to Astronomicans in a mutually beneficial relationship in their area.

Involvement in National/International Events
Exposure to fellow amateurs from all across the diaspora. Opportunity to participate in worldwide competitions, travel internationally and

Experiences of Senior Members
Learn the tricks of the trade from seasoned members in one-on-one encounters.