About SPACE Group


SPACE Group was formed with the aim of changing the science and astronomy education and entertainment landscape in the world through path breaking and innovative concepts, services and programs.

SPACE has combined business with a noble and philanthropic cause of science popularisation, as we truly believe that businesses should work in the larger interest of the society as social and scientific development leads to development of mankind at large.



NGO A Registered society working for Science popularisation. Organizes events & competitions on national and international level.


currently Running Astronomy cources in Delhi, in form of 'Space Clubs' Till Now has trained more than 15000 students covering all the renowned school of
Delhi & NCR.


Marketing the products Researched & Developed by SPACE Games, Gadgets Educational Aids Telescope and lot more.

www.space-india.org www.stepl.org www.gnomonastrotech.in


The unprecedented demand that will arise in the future for astronomy educated professionals is not being addressed by the education industry, by the government or the science community. We at SPACE believe that we can see in future and are working toward building the Space Community today.

The question to be asked is ‘Are we teaching our students what they will need in
the future?’, ‘Are we preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead?’

With the quest to find answers to these questions, Gnomon group was born. I along with the other founding members had a passion to do something which was pioneering in its field. We all had a common passion that was Astronomy, combining our passion with work we decided to form the company and spread science and astronomy to the masses especially the student community. It has also proven now to be the most fascinating and interesting subject to inculcate the love of science among masses and students.

Astronomy is the oldest science and mother of all sciences. The relation of the man to heavens above is what initiated the process of thoughts and analysis for humans. Technology got wheels with the invention of telescope, similar as to development of humankind got wheels with the invention of the wheel.
In the following pages we will together unravel the potential of science and astronomy in the future of the world and how we at Gnomon group are working towards creating a different world that is geared up to take on the challenges that the futuristic world of tomorrow will unfold.
From being educators in science, we have moved on to being researchers, developers and marketers of science based products and services. From our soon to be launched science based media production unit to being astronomy based turn-key project developments; the future is planned and promising.

Astronomy and science have the scope to intrigue the minds of all, regardless of age and we are the pioneer to realize this marketable potential of the same. We now have in our bouquet a wide range of products ranging from recreational science solutions, skill development workshops, stress management,
educative & entertaining activities to customised services for clients; the scope is endless for us.